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    1  Differences between J661 extensions and ARINC 661 extensions
    2  Examples of J661 extensions
    3  Examples of Plugins
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The components of the J661 project are compliant to the ARINC 661 standard in a strict way. However, there are some notions that are mandatory in MMI definition that are not defined in the standard. Also it may be useful to extend or modify some elements that are defined to experiment or add capabilities not provided by default. There are several ways of extending the Server / Client or Editor:

Note that if you want to extend the standard itself, such as adding new widgets or modifying existing widgets, you must know how the J661 project applications model the standard (see ARINC 661 XML model).

Differences between J661 extensions and ARINC 661 extensions

J661 Extensions allow to extend the ARINC 661 standard itself.
Even if their names sound similar, there is absolutely no similarity between ARINC extensions and J661 Extensions:

Examples of J661 extensions

J661 extensions may:

Examples of Plugins

There are already several existing Plugins in the J661 project. For example:

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