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Window Management

The ARINC 661 standard specifies the content of Layers, but does not specify how to manage Layers in Windows and Displays. However, Supplement 4 adds a new Appendix which defines the notion of SuperLayer, which allows to specify a Cockpit (Displays, Layouts, Windows and their associated Layers) as a special layer in a Definition File, called the SuperLayer. This definition allows for a User Application to send parameters to a Cockpit Display System to change cockpit layout (for example, makes a Window visible, or change the Layout, etc...).

Window Manager properties

It is possible to specify the Window Management of the Server by using the following configuration properties:

Basic Window Manager

The default Window manager will be used if the "windowManager" property is not present or is equal to "basic". The default Windowing maps each Layer on one Tab on a tabbed panel.

SuperLayer Window Manager

This Window manager will be used if the "windowManager" property is equal to "windows". This Windowing defines Displays, layouts, and Windows. The Server will use the XML file set by the "server.windows" property to define the Cockpit configuration. Note that the SuperLayer Window Manager is the J661 Server implemenation of the ARINC 661 concept of a SuperLayer

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