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    1  SuperLayer Schema
    2  UA/CDS communication
    3  J661 Server implementation
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The SuperLayer concept is a generalized method to define and manage Layers and Windows in a Cockpit. The idea is to link Cockpit concepts to associated ARINC 661 Layers and Widgets, such as to be able to send widget modifications by the User Application to the CDS to manage the cockpit configuration.

SuperLayer Schema

The SuperLayer concept is based on the following cockpit elements:
These elements have suggested associated widgets in the associated Layer, for example:
Cockpit Element Suggested Widget Remark
Display BasicContainer or MutuallyExclusiveContainer
Layout / Personality BasicContainer or MutuallyExclusiveContainer
Window Panel
Layer Connector The Connector widget specifies the reference to the effective Layer

UA/CDS communication

From the point of view of the UA / CDS communication, the SuperLayer is a Layer. It means that sending widgets parameters for the cockpit elements associated widgets will change the cockpit configuation. For example:

J661 Server implementation

See SuperLayer Window Manager for how the J661 Server implements the SuperLayer notion.

See Also

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