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    1  Widgets types
    2  Properties
       2.1  WidgetID
       2.2  StyleSet
       2.3  Runtime messages
       2.4  Example
    3  Events
       3.1  Example
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A Widget is a reusable graphic component defined in the ARINC 661 standard. See the List of ARINC661 widgets for a list of widgets and their usage.
Extension blocks can be added to widgets on Definition Files to add optional features to existing widgets. Multiple extension blocks can be applied to a single widget to add multiple optional features to that widget. Runtime modifiable parameters and events may also be associated with an extension.

Widgets types

See the list of ARINC661 useful widgets article for a list of useful widgets and some of their Use Cases.


Widgets have properties which are defined for each widget type. Some of these properties may be modifiable at runtime. Some of the properties in Definition Files have a specific meaning: For example:
      <a661_widget name="label" type="A661_LABEL">  
            <prop name="WidgetIdent" value="2" />  
            <prop name="StyleSet" value="0" />  


The Widget ID specified allows to resolve completely a Widget in a Layer. This is an ushort value which is unique for all widgets in each Layer.


Almost all widgets which have a graphical representation have a StyleSet (A661_STYLE_SET property), modifiable at runtime, which allows to set and change the graphical aspect (Look and Feel) of the widget. For example, a A661_PUSH_BUTTON may have a 3D or a 2D style. The Look and feel of a widget depends on the implementation. Note that the ARINC 661 standard allows to specify the Look and Feel configuration of the CDS through an XML file.

Runtime messages

Runtime properties are defined by the widget messages meta−definition. For example, for the A661_PUSH_BUTTON widget, only the following properties are modifiable at runtime for supplement 2: The meta−definition for the widget contains the following messages for supplement 2:
      <message type="byte_1" arincID="A661_ENABLE"/>  
      <message type="byte_1" arincID="A661_VISIBLE"/>  
      <message type="byte_2" arincID="A661_STYLE_SET"/>  
      <message type="string" arincID="A661_STRING"/>  


For example, the A661_PUSH_BUTTON widget has the following properties:
      <widget arincID="A661_PUSH_BUTTON" hexID="0xA2A0" inherits="ABSTRACT_WIDGET" cat="interactive">  
         <widgetAttr name="Enable" arincID="A661_ENABLE" />  
         <widgetAttr name="Visible" arincID="A661_VISIBLE" />  
         <widgetAttr name="PosX" arincID="A661_POS_X" />  
         <widgetAttr name="PosY" arincID="A661_POS_Y" />  
         <widgetAttr name="SizeX" arincID="A661_SIZE_X" />  
         <widgetAttr name="SizeY" arincID="A661_SIZE_Y" />  
         <widgetAttr name="StyleSet" arincID="A661_STYLE_SET" />  
         <widgetAttr name="NextFocusedWidget" arincID="_FOCUS_ID" />  
         <widgetAttr name="MaxStringLength" arincID="_MAXSTRINGLENGTH" />  
         <widgetAttr name="AutomaticFocusMotion" arincID="_FOCUS_MOTION" />  
         <widgetAttr name="Alignment" arincID="_ALIGNMENT" />  
         <widgetAttr name="LabelString" arincID="A661_STRING" maxLength="_MAXSTRINGLENGTH" />  
         <widgetAttr name="EntryValidation" arincID="A661_ENTRY_VALID" runtimeType="R" supp="3+"/>  
         <message type="byte_1" arincID="A661_ENTRY_VALID" supp="3+"/>  
         <message type="byte_1" arincID="A661_ENABLE" />  
         <message type="byte_1" arincID="A661_VISIBLE" />  
         <message type="byte_2" arincID="A661_STYLE_SET" />  
         <message type="string" arincID="A661_STRING" />  
         <event arincID="A661_EVT_SELECTION" />  


Events which can be sent by a widget are specified by the widget events meta−definition.


For example, for the A661_PUSH_BUTTON widget, ony the following event can be sent by the Server for supplement 2: The meta−definiton for the widget contains the following events for supplement 2:
      <event arincID="A661_EVT_SELECTION" type="empty" />  

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