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The GUI definition of the Cockpit Display System interface is defined in a binary file called Definition File (or DF) defining the structure of the graphical interface tree. The GUI tree is instantiated at initialization time (called the Definition Phase in the standard) in the CDS, using the definition contained in the DF.
A DF is composed of two parts:

There are two kinds of Definition Files:

Definition File properties

The main property of a Definition File is its Application ID. All the Layers in this Definition File will share this same Application ID. Note that XML Definition Fiels also have a name. It is also possible to specify the encoding of the Definition File, which specifies how Strings will be encoded (see Definition File encoding).

Definition File encoding

It is possible to specify the encoding of the Definition File, which specifies how Strings will be encoded.

XML Definition Files

There are two grammars for XML Definition Files: The ARINC 661 supplement 6 enforce the use of an XML Schema for the XML Definition File. Prior to supplement 6, the ARINC 661 standard did only define a DTD, but J661 already used a Schema which was a little more loose the the standard supplement 6 schema. Note that the DTD which was defined before in the standard was even more loose than the "loose" schema.
Differences between the loose schema and the strict schema:


The following XML Definition File example present a label with the text "HELLO WORLD" under a Panel.
      <a661_df name="default" library_version="0" supp_version="2">  
            <prop name="ApplicationId" value="1" />  
         <a661_layer name="MyLayer" >  
               <prop name="LayerId" value="1" />  
               <prop name="ContextNumber" value="0" />  
               <prop name="Height" value="10000" />  
               <prop name="Width" value="10000" />  
            <a661_widget name="panel" type="A661_PANEL">  
                  <prop name="WidgetIdent" value="1" />  
                  <prop name="Enable" value="A661_TRUE" />  
                  <prop name="Visible" value="A661_TRUE" />  
                  <prop name="PosX" value="0" />  
                  <prop name="PosY" value="0" />  
                  <prop name="SizeX" value="10000" />  
                  <prop name="SizeY" value="10000" />  
                  <prop name="StyleSet" value="0" />  
               <a661_widget name="label" type="A661_LABEL">  
                     <prop name="WidgetIdent" value="2" />  
                     <prop name="Anonymous" value="A661_FALSE" />  
                     <prop name="Visible" value="A661_TRUE" />  
                     <prop name="PosX" value="3527" />  
                     <prop name="PosY" value="3721" />  
                     <prop name="SizeX" value="2978" />  
                     <prop name="SizeY" value="1000" />  
                     <prop name="RotationAngle" value="0.0" />  
                     <prop name="StyleSet" value="0" />  
                     <prop name="MaxStringLength" value="20" />  
                     <prop name="MotionAllowed" value="A661_TRUE" />  
                     <prop name="Font" value="t2" />  
                     <prop name="ColorIndex" value="red" />  
                     <prop name="Alignment" value="A661_CENTER" />  
                     <prop name="LabelString" value="HELLO WORLD" />  

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