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This project is maintained by a Dassault Aviation team.

The project began in 2007 as a personal side project of Herve Girod, who works for Dassault Aviation as a Man−machine interface expert. At first this project was only intended as a way to learn how ARINC 661 works.

After a while, the project began to be used and expanded internally for experimentation and learning purposes. It was decided in 2010 to release the source code to the public with an open Source licence. We think that such a project can be useful to allow people and organizations to learn how the standard work. After all, it was used internally at Dassault Aviation for this very purpose.


The project source code and associated javadoc is using a GPL V2 licence under a Dassault Aviation copyright.

However, the XML configuration files and their associated DTDs, all the example files (including example source code files), and the demos, are distributed under a modified BSD license (which is compatible with the GPL v2). Putting those configuration files under the less restrictive modified BSD license allows users to use these files more freely.

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