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SuperLayer Window Manager

The SuperLayer Window Manager implements the standard notion of a SuperLayer A SuperLayer Window Manager which manage the following elements:


The SuperLayer configuration specifies the cockpit. See SuperLayer configuration.

Associated widgets definition

The ARINC 661 standard associates a cockpit definition to a Layer which is called a SuperLayer. To each cockpit notion corresponds an ARINC 661 widget:
Cockpit Element Widget Remark
Display MutuallyExclusiveContainer The MutuallyExclusiveContainer allows to choose between the possible Layouts of the Display
Layout BasicContainer
Window Panel
WindowSelector MutuallyExclusiveContainer This element exists in two cases:
  • if the Window contains Layers and its type is "OneOf", only one Layer must be chosen among all the possible Layers in the Window: The MutuallyExclusiveContainer allows to choose among the possible Layers in this Window
  • if the Window contains Layouts, the MutuallyExclusiveContainer allows to choose among the possible Layouts in this Window
Layer Connector or DataConnector The Connector widget specifies the reference to the effective Layer. The DataConnector carries additional information

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