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    1  Plugins installation
    2  Default provided Plugins
    3  Developing a Plugin
    4  See also

Plugins allow to add functionalities to a client, server, or editor. For example:

Plugins will depend on the Client, Server, or Editor, but the Client, Server, and Editor do not depend on any Plugin. Note that contrary to extensions, Plugins do not allow to extend the ARINC 661 standard itself.

Plugins installation

Plugins should be by default in the plugins application directory (relative to the Client, Server or Editor). Note that (as previously stated), the J661 modules do not depend on any Plugin. The discovery and connection of the available Plugins are performed at runtime when starting the application.

It is possible to specify alternate directories where to find the Plugins by using the −pluginsDir:<directory 1; directory 2;...> to force the locations of directories for the Plugins.

Default provided Plugins

The following Plugins are provided by default by the J661 Project:

Developing a Plugin

See also developing a plugin.

See Also

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