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    1  Grammar
       1.1  Supplement
          1.1.1  Examples
       1.2  Protocol Keywords and Structure Blocks
       1.3  Symbol Commands
       1.4  Extensions
       1.5  Widgets
       1.6  Attributes
       1.7  Values
       1.8  Messages IDs
       1.9  Widget Events IDs
    2  Defining extensions in the XML File

The J661 project modules uses an XML meta−definition for all the elements managed by the standard (widgets, mapItems, etc...). It is also possible to define extensions which will add custom elements on top of the standard (for example, adding a new widget, or modifying the specification of a widget).


See the Meta-definition Schema.
The XML definition file contain the following nodes: Note: DataTypes are defined in another XML definition file, see resource DataTypes Schema.


Almost all the elements in the m鴡−definition support the "supp" XML attribute. This attribute specifies for which supplement(s) the element is defined.


A widget defined beginning for supplement 2:
      <widget arincID="A661_PUSH_BUTTON" hexID="0xA2A0" inherits="ABSTRACT_WIDGET" cat="interactive">  

A keyword defined beginning for supplement 5:
      <keywordID arincID="A661_ERR_EXTEND_ABORTED" type="exception" hexID="0xF008" supp="5+"/>  

A parameter structure defined between supplement 2 and supplement 3:
      <paramStructBlock id="enableArray" name="A661_ParameterStructure_1ByteArray" supp="2−3">  

Protocol Keywords and Structure Blocks

This contains:

Symbol Commands

For each Symbol Command, we have:


The Extensions definitions allows to define the ARINC 661 characteristics of extensions It specifies:


The Widgets definitions allows to define the ARINC 661 characteristics of widgets. It specifies:
It is possible to inherit widgets definitions from others. For the moment only one abstract widget is used for the inheritance, which hold the widget type, ident, and parent ident attributes.


For each Attribute, we have:


Values are shared for all attributes, and represent available values for enumeration attributes. For each value, we have:

Messages IDs

Only messages that do not correspond to an existing widget attribute have to be defined here (such as "A661_POS_XY"):

Widget Events IDs

The widget events definitions (shared for all widgets)::

Defining extensions in the XML File

The same file format is used to define extensions to the ARINC 661 standard.

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