Attribute meta-definition

The attribute meta−definition define one ARINC 661 attribute definition which can be used in widget, extensions, symbols, or MapItems.
For each attribute we have the following XML attributes:

If the attribute is an enumeration, the element will have "attrValue" elements, which represent the possible values that the attribute can have.


Simple design time−only attribute:
      <attr arincID="_SIZE" type="long"/>
Simple runtime attribute:
      <attr arincID="A661_VISIBLE" type="bool" hexID="0xB530"/>
Enumeration attribute:
      <attr arincID="A661_INNER_STATE_TOGGLE" type="bool" hexID="0xB258">
         <attrValue arincID="A661_UNSELECTED"/>
         <attrValue arincID="A661_SELECTED"/>

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