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Scenario Plugin

    1  Availability
       1.1  In the Editor
       1.2  In the Server
       1.3  In the Client
    2  Usage
       2.1  Recording
       2.2  Playing
          2.2.1  Direction
    3  Options
    4  Configuration
    5  See also

Type runtime scenario recording and replay
Jar File Scenario.jar
Applies to editor
ui Swing

The Scenario Plugin allows to save or replay the communication between an User Application and a Cockpit Display System. This Plugin can be used in both the J661 Server, the J661 Client, or the Editor Embedded Server.


In the Editor

The Scenario Plugin is available in the Editor when using the Editor Embedded Server.

In the Server

The Scenario Plugin is available in the Server if the following configuration property is set:

In the Client

The Scenario Plugin is always available in the Client.


The Scenario Plugin is integrated in the Server or Client console, and provides:
The Plugin will save or replay the communication between a UA and a CDS (in both directions) in an XML file, in a Base64 or Hexadecimal encoding. For example (here in base 64):
      <scenario type="ua" desc="Generated by Scenario plugin 1.6 for Client 1.6">  
         <binaryEvent time="50" type="output" size="32" data="sDgAAAAAACDKAgAUADMAALSQAAhDSEFOR0VEANAAAAA=" />  
         <binaryEvent time="100" type="output" size="24" data="sDgAAAAAABjKAgAMAGQAALHgAADQAAAA" />  


To record the communication, you will have to:
Now all the comunications between the UA and the CDS will be recorded and saved in the selected XML file. Note that the recording is streamed, so there is no limit to the size of the recorded scenario except the size of the file system.
During the recording,, the toolbar interface will look like:

To stop the recording, ou will have to:
Note that the recording records both the inputs and the outputs.


To replay a scenario, you will have to:
During the replay, the toolbar interface will look like:

You will be able at any moment during the replay to:
Note that the replay is streamed, so there is no limit to the size of the scenario for the replay except the size of the file system.


It is possible to use indifferently a Scenario recorded by the Client or the Server. By default the replay will use the appropriate events (inputs or outputs) depending on where the scenario has been recorded and where it is replayed.
For example by default if a scenario has been recorded by a Client, and replayed in a Server, the outputs of this scenario will be used as inputs for the Server.


The Scenario offers several options:


The Scenario Plugin used in the Client or the Server is configurable through a few configuration properties:
For example, the following properties will start the recording of the scenario as soon as the Server is connected:

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