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Record and replay a Scenario

    1  Start the embedded Server
    2  Record a scenario
    3  Replay a scenario
    4  Notes

This tutorial explains how to record and replay a scenario in the editor Embedded Server.

Start the embedded Server

First look at the Editor Embedded Server tutorial to open the Embedded Server. At the end of this tutorial, the Client window has the following configuration:

Record a scenario

We will record a scenario. Look at the toolbar for the Scenario Plugin:

Now you can send messages from the Client to the Server. Apply the Client tutorial to send several messages from the Client to the Server.

Now Stop the recording:
The XML file corrsponding to the scenario has been saved.

Replay a scenario

First manually set back the fill color of the Triangle_1 widget to white so as to go back to the initial configuration of the widgets[1] . This is not part of the replay, but it is necessary to be able to see that the replay is really doing something.
Now look again at the toolbar for the Scenario Plugin: The Server window will change according to what happened in the recording. At the end, if you changed the color from white to green, you will see again the following display:


  1. ^ Again see the Client tutorial to see how to do it

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