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Documentation concerning the J661 Editor


Cockpit Plugin : The Cockpit Plugin allows to generate a SuperLayer from a SuperLayer Cockpit configuration in the Editor
Convert an XML Definition File : This article is about the menu in the Editor allowing to convert an XML Definition File to another


Distribution : The distribution of the components of the J661 project is available on sourceforge at the following address: http://sourceforge.net/projects/j661


Editor : The Editor is a Definition File editor component provided in the project
Editor Embedded Server : It is possible open a Server and an associated Client in the context of the Editor
Editor Scripting : The EditorScript Plugin allows to execute Scripts on the Editor using the Groovy scripting language
Editor configuration : This article is about the Editor configuration
Editor widgets defaults : This article is about the Editor defaults XML file defining how the widgets will appear in the Editor
EditorScript Plugin : The EditorScript Plugin allows to execute Scripts on the Editor using the Groovy scripting language


Image Generation Plugin : The Image Generation Plugin allows to save snapshots of Layers in the context of the Server or the Editor


Look Model Plugin : The Look Model Plugin provides several capabilities about the Look and Feel in the Editor


Plugins editor settings : This article presents the Plugins Editor Settings
PrintScript Plugin : The PrintScript Plugin is used with the EditorScript Plugin to save content in a text file, XML file, or Excel file


Record and replay a Scenario : This tutorial explains how to record and replay a scenario in the editor Embedded Server


Scenario Plugin : The Scenario Plugin allows to save or replay the communication between an User Application and a Cockpit Display System


UACDS Plugin : The UACDS Plugin allows to edit UACDS Interfaces in the EditorTo open an UACDS Interface for a Definition File already opened in the Editor, right click on the tab for this Definition File, you will see the following popup Window:

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