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    1  Launch arguments
    2  Using the Client
    3  Using the Client API
    4  Integrating a Client and a Server in the same appplication
    5  See also

A Stand−alone User Application engine wrapper. This engine must be launched with a configuration File. The command−line to launch a new ARINC 661 Client (User Application) is:

      java −jar arincClient.jar −config=<configuration File>
With configuration File being the properties File defining the Client configuration.
Note that contrary to the Server, the Client does not have Java implementations for the widget definitions. Widgets definitions ar entirely specified in the XML meta−definition.

Launch arguments

Using the Client

See the Client tutorial.

Using the Client API

It is possible to use the Client API without having the Client GUI interface. See client API. This allows to send Buffers and receive events to the Server programmatically.

Integrating a Client and a Server in the same appplication

It is possible to start an application integrating both a Client and a Server. See Embed Client.

See Also

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