Client configuration properties

    1  Configuration properties format
    2  Common configuration properties
       2.1  Mandatory properties
       2.2  Optional properties
          2.2.1  Strict / Loose ARINC 661 Schema
          2.2.2  Warnings for undefined attributes
    3  Setting specific properties for extensions
    4  Specific client configuration properties
       4.1  Optional properties
    5  Example
    6  See also

The Client configuration properties allows to specify the configuration of the Client at start. This file is specified through the −config launch argument. The properties are the same as for the Server so the same properties File can be used for both Client and Server in standalone mode.

Configuration properties format

See Configuration properties format.

Common configuration properties

The Common configuration properties are configuration properties used by both the Server and the Client.

Mandatory properties

Note that if the "network" property is not defined, the following properties must also be defined:

Optional properties

Strict / Loose ARINC 661 Schema

The ARINC 661 supplement 6 enforce the use of an XML Schema for the XML Definition File.

The ARINC 661 supplement 6 enforce the use of an XML Schema for the XML Definition File. Prior to supplement 6, the ARINC 661 standard did only define a DTD, but J661 already used a Schema which was a little more loose the the standard supplement 6 schema. Note that the DTD which was defined before in the standard was even more loose than the "loose" schema.
Differences between the loose schema and the strict schema:

See also the Definition File article.

Warnings for undefined attributes

All the widgets and extensions attributes are defined in the Binary Definition Files, but some of the attributes might not be defined in the XML Definition File. The warnForUndefAttrs attribute allows to emit a warning if one of the attributes defined for a widget or extension is not found in the XML Definition File.

Setting specific properties for extensions

By default only properties which are defined for the Client or Server are taken into account. However it is possible to define specific properties for J661 extensions. See See Extensions manifest properties for more informations on how to define these properties.

Specific client configuration properties

These properties are configuration properties specifically used by the Client .

Optional properties



See Also

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