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Editor configuration

    1  Settings
       1.1  General Editor Settings
       1.2  Configuration Settings
       1.3  Specific Editor settings
       1.4  Specific Server settings
       1.5  Specific Client settings
       1.6  Extensions settings
    2  Relationships between the Editor Settings and the Client or Server configuration properties
    3  Plugins Settings
    4  See also

The editor configuration is available through the Options => Settings menu.

The editor must be configured before it can be used. For example things such as the available Look and Feels, the list of available colors and pictures, or even the standard version must be set. Of course after you have configured the editor once, your configuration parameters will be stored on your home directory even after you quit the Editor, and they will still be defined for the next times you will open it (except if you modify them again, of course).
The configuration parameters for the Editor are all available through the Settings menu. The Settings are seen as a tree, and each node correspond to a major feature of the Editor or a Plugin.


There are several available Settings tabs:

General Editor Settings

Configuration Settings

Specific Editor settings

Specific Server settings

Specific Client settings

Extensions settings

Relationships between the Editor Settings and the Client or Server configuration properties

Many of the Editor settings correspond to properties found in the configuration properties.
Editor Setting Type Client / Server configuration property
ARINC 661 Supplement Version Common supplement
Use ARINC 661 Strict Schema Common strictA661Schema
Allow ARINC 661 Extensions Common allowExtensions
Check Allowed Children Common respectParentChildren
Warn for unfound attributes Common warnForUndefAttrs
Debug Mode Common debug
Graphics Configuration Common graphics
Pictures Configuration Common pictures
Global Symbols Configuration Common symbols
Limit Event Queue Size Common maximumQueueSize
Endianness Common bigEndian
Check fr(180) angles range Common checkFR180Range
Extensions Jar Common extensions
Look And Feel Configuration Server ui
Wait For Validation Server waitForValidation
Compute Layer Size Server computeLayerSize
Windows Background Server server.background
MapItems UI configuration Server mapUI
Mask Container bug set Server server.maskBugUnfixed
Use Method handles Server server.methodHandles
Validate All Server Requests Client client.autoValidation

Plugins Settings

Additional Editor Settings tabs are provided for some of the Plugins:

See Also

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