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The pictures definition is an XML file which is defined in the properties file with the properties "pictures". It defines the list of pictures that can be used by the Server. Supported graphic file formats are: png, jpeg, gif, bmp. It specifies the pictures available on the Server and their index as used by widgets such as A661_PICTURE, A661_PICTURE_PUSH_BUTTON, etc...

It is used by both the Server and the Client.


See the Pictures Schema


   lt;pictures desc="DefPictures" baseURL=".">
      <picture index="2" name="Ball" url="ball.jpg" />
      <picture index="3" name="Hand" url="hand.png" size="stretched" />
      <picture index="4" name="Warning" url="warning.png" size="proportionate" />
      <picture index="5" name="Crocodile" url="crocodile.png"/>

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