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UACDS Plugin

    1  Opening an UACDS Interface
       1.1  Main tab
       1.2  UACDS tab
    2  Closing the UACDS Interface
    3  Creating the UACDS Interface
    4  Editing the UACDS Interface
    5  Saving the UACDS Interface
    6  Editor Settings
    7  See also

UACDS Plugin
Type UACDS Interface edition
Jar File UACDSPlugin.jar
Applies to editor

The UACDS Plugin allows to edit UACDS Interfaces in the Editor

Opening an UACDS Interface

To open an UACDS Interface for a Definition File already opened in the Editor, right click on the tab for this Definition File, you will see the following popup Window:

Select "Open UACDS Interface" and choose the UACDS Interface file you want to see. The view of the top left panel tree will change and present two tabs for the selected Definition File:

Main tab

The "Main" tab presents the Definition File widgets tree. Note that in Definition File widgets tree:


The "UACDS" tab contains two tabs:

Closing the UACDS Interface

To close the UACDS Interface already associated with the Definition file, right click on the "UACDS" tab and choose "Close".

Creating the UACDS Interface

It is possible to create an UACDS Interface for a Definition file which does not already have one associated with it by right clicking on the tab for this Definition File, and select "Create UACDS Interface" on the popup Window:

Editing the UACDS Interface

Saving the UACDS Interface

To save the UACDS Interface for the selected Definition File>, perform Tools => UACDS Plugin => Save UACFDS Interface File.

Editor Settings

This Plugin has the following Editor Settings:

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