Documentation concerning the J661 Server Look and Feel configuration


JavaFX CSS format : This article explains how to use the JavaFX CSS format in the context of the J661 Server
JavaFX CSS properties types : This article explains a few useful CSS proerties type for the JavaFX CSS configuration
JavaFX Component structure : The JavaFX Component structure configuration allow to control how the JavaFX widgets StyleSets are applied on the widgets child Nodes
JavaFX Look and Feel : The JavaFX Look and Feel is configurable through a CSS configuration file, and is only available when using the JavaFX UI framework
JavaFX properties bindings : This article list the implementation−dependant bindings that have been defined on J661 on widgets properties


Look and Feel : The Server Look and Feel specifies the Look of the widgets
Look and Feel configuration : The Look and Feel configuration file specifies the cockpit configuration for a SuperLayer Window Manager


Renderer Styles configuration : The Renderer Styles XML configuration allows to specify different renderer implementations for StyleSets


StyleSets configuration : The Look and Feel XML StyleSets configuration allows to set names for widgets StyleSets
Synth2 Look and Feel : The Synth2 Look and Feel is a Swing Look and Feel which can be configured through an XML file

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