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JavaFX Look and Feel

    1  JavaFX CSS format
    2  J661 Server specificities
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The JavaFX Look and Feel is configurable through a CSS configuration file, and is only available when using the JavaFX UI framework.

JavaFX CSS format

See the JavaFX CSS reference in the JavaFX API documentation. The JavaFX CSS format follows the CSS 2.1 specification. See also JavaFX CSS format to understand how ARINC 661 StyleSets are mapped to JavaFX CSS Style Classes.

J661 Server specificities

The only specificity on how J661 handles CSS is the way widgets StyleSets and MapItems ItemStyles are specified: Note that following the CSS 2.1 specification, it is possible to specify more than one widget StyleSet or MapItem ItemStyle for the same rule. For example:
      .A661_PUSH_BUTTON_Style1, .A661_PUSH_BUTTON_Style3 {  
      −fx−text−fill: black;  
      −fx−font−weight: bold;  
      −fx−padding: 3 6 6 6;  
      −fx−background−radius: 10;  
      −fx−background−color: linear−gradient(#00a2b1, #005058);  


      .A661_PUSH_BUTTON_Style1 {  
      −fx−text−fill: rgb(0, 0, 0);  
      −fx−font−weight: bold;  
      −fx−border−color: rgb(100, 0, 0);  
      −fx−border−radius: 1;  
      −fx−padding: 3 6 6 6;  
      −fx−background−radius: 10;  
      −fx−background−color: red;  
      .A661_PANEL_Style0 {  
      −fx−background−color: black;  
      .A661_PANEL_Style1 {  
      −fx−background−color: linear−gradient(white, #CCCCCC);  
      .A661_SYMBOL_CIRCLE_Style0 {  
      −fx−stroke: lime;  
      .A661_SYMBOL_CIRCLE_Style1 {  
      −fx−stroke: red;  

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