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    1  MapItem types
    2  Runtime protocol
    3  EndFlag Parameter
    4  Types of MapItems
       4.1  Symbols
       4.2  NotUsed
       4.3  ItemStyle
       4.4  Legend MapItems
    5  See also

A MapItem is a dynamic element that can be presented in a vertical or horizontal Map Widget. A MapItem contains:

MapItem types

The standard defines several types of MapItems: Of these definitions, only the A661_ITEM_SYNCHRONIZATION and A661_ITEM_STYLE MapItems do not correspond to "real−world" objects. All the other MapItems have to be positioned in the Map. A661_NOT_USED is a MapItem sent at runtime, but this special MapItem is sent to signify that the MapItem with its number has been deleted. As such, it will never correspond to a symbol in the map.
Beware that all elements, including lines and geometric figure, are not defined in 1/100 of millimeter, like all other widgets, but in real world coordinates according to the MapSource parent projection system.

Runtime protocol

Each MapItem definition is aligned to a 32 bits size. MapItems whose definition could be smaller are padded to have this size. Legend MapItems also have a maximum of 32 bits, meaning that the definition for a legend can span on more than one MapItem.

EndFlag Parameter

The EndFlag parameter is a way to define coherent groups of MapItems related to each other. See for example the definition for the 661_SYMBOL_GENERIC MapItem:
   <mapItem arincID="A661_SYMBOL_GENERIC" mapType="mapHorz" hexID="0x28" >  
     <mapItemAttr name="EndFlag" arincID="_ENDFLAG" />  
     <mapItemAttr name="SymbolType" arincID="_SYMBOLTYPE" />  
     <mapItemAttr name="RelativePosition" arincID="_TRUEFALSE" relative="true" />  
     <pad size="uchar" />  
     <mapItemAttr name="X/Lat/Range" coord="X" arincID="_XLATRANGE" />  
     <mapItemAttr name="Y/Lng/Bearing" coord="Y" arincID="_YLNGBEARING" />  

If we have the following content in the runtime protocol: It will be interpreted by the CDS as one symbol having two legends.

Types of MapItems


Several MapItems represent symbols: All these symbols have a SymbolType, which define how the symbol will be drawn (for example, certain SymbolTypes will denote an aircraft symbol, others a waypoint symbol, etc...). Example:
   <mapItem arincID="A661_SYMBOL_GENERIC" mapType="mapVert" hexID="0x28" >  
      <mapItemAttr name="EndFlag" arincID="_ENDFLAG" />  
      <mapItemAttr name="SymbolType" arincID="_SYMBOLTYPE" />  
      <mapItemAttr name="RelativePosition" arincID="_TRUEFALSE" relative="true" />  
      <pad size="uchar" />  
      <mapItemAttr name="X" coord="X" arincID="_X" />  
      <mapItemAttr name="Y" coord="Y" arincID="_Y" />  


The A661_NOT_USED MapItem allows to remove a MapItem from its MapItemList.


The ItemStyle MapItem is a MapItem which does not correspond to any real−world object. It is used to define a Style with which the MapItems which will follow will be drawn. This style is a kind of Look definition for the MapItems.

Legend MapItems

The case of A661_LEGEND and A661_LEGEND_POP_UP is specific in that the Legends are positioned in the coordinate system of the MapSource, but their position is defined in the previous A661_LEGEND_ANCHOR. A661_LEGEND and A661_LEGEND_ANCHOR only define the text of the current legend (positioned by the last A661_LEGEND_ANCHOR).
   <mapItem arincID="A661_LEGEND" hexID="0x21" >  
      <mapItemAttr name="EndFlag" arincID="_ENDFLAG" />  
      <mapItemAttr name="LegendString" arincID="_STRING" />  

Note that a MapItem size in the protocol can not span more than 32 bits, meaning that a text containing more than 16 characters will have to span on more than one A661_LEGEND MapItem. In all cases, the end of the actual text will contain one NULL (0) characters, possibly padded to reach the 32 bits limit.

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