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Map widgets in the J661 Server

    1  Including the MapItems rendering implementation
       1.1  Compatibility with the Server UI Framework
    2  Example
    3  Notes

The J661 Server supports ARINC 661 map widgets and MapItems. Note that contrary to the widgets renderers which are built−in in Server implementation, Map Items are not included in the corresponding Swing or JavaFX implementation, which means that by default no MapItem will be visible.

Including the MapItems rendering implementation

To include the MapItems renderers for the Swing or JavaFX implementation, you must add the corresponding Swing or JavaFX MapItems library as a J661 extension in the server configuration properties[1] :

Compatibility with the Server UI Framework

Note that you must use the mapItems library which is compatible with your Server implementation. For example if you use the mapSymbols.jar MapItems library but you use a JavaFX implementation, the Server will encounter an internal exception when receiving a mapItem:

and will emit an ARINC Exception to the Client.


The following example presents a working configuration with MapItems with the JavaFX Server implementation:
         <property key="graphics" value="DefGraphics.xml" />  
         <property key="pictures" value="DefPictures.xml" />  
         <property key="lf" value="JavaFX" />  
         <property key="supplement" value="6" />  
         <property key="serverInputPort" value="8080" />  
         <property key="serverOutputPort" value="8081" />  
         <property key="serverInputSize" value="50000" />  
         <property key="serverOutputSize" value="200" />  
         <property key="server.autoVisible" value="true" />  
         <property key="logServerArea" value="true" />  
         <property key="server.menus" value="true" />  
         <property key="server.uiCombo" value="true" />  
         <property key="extensions" value="jfxMaps.jar" />  


  1. ^ Or the editor configuration if you are working in the Editor

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