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List of synth2 UI elements

    1  Used UI components
       1.1  Standard Swing UI components
       1.2  Specific J661 UI components
    2  Unused UI components
    3  See also

Used UI components

The list of UI components which can be used in the bind element in the Synth2 Look and Feel contains two kind of components:

Standard Swing UI components

UI Component Swing component Used in ARINC widgets
ArrowButton used for the arrow in Combo boxes A661_COMBO_BOX
Button used for buttons A661_PUSH_BUTTON and A661_PICTURE_PUSH_BUTTON
CheckBox used for CheckBoxes A661_CHECK_BOX
ComboBox used for ComboBoxes A661_COMBO_BOX
FormattedTextField used for FormattedTextFields A661_EDIT_BOX_NUMERIC and A661_EDIT_BOX_NUMERIC_BCD
Label used for Labels Many widgets which use a Text
List used for Lists A661_SCROLL_LIST
Menu used for Menus A661_POPUP_MENU
MenuBar used for Menus A661_POPUP_MENU
MenuItem used for Menus A661_POPUP_MENU
Panel used for Panels A661_PANEL, A661_TABBED_PANEL
PopupMenu used for PopupMenus A661_POPUP_MENU
ScrollBar used for ScrollBars All widgets using a Scrollbar
ScrollBarTrack used for ScrollBars All widgets using a Scrollbar
ScrollBarThumb used for ScrollBars All widgets using a Scrollbar
ScrollPane used for ScrollPanes A661_SCROLL_PANEL
Viewport used for ScrollPanes A661_SCROLL_PANEL
Slider used for Sliders A661_SLIDER
SliderTrack used for Sliders A661_SLIDER
SliderThumb used for Sliders A661_SLIDER
Spinner used for Spinners A661_EDIT_BOX_NUMERIC
TabbedPane used for TabbedPanes A661_TABBED_PANEL_GROUP
TabbedPaneTab used for TabbedPanes A661_TABBED_PANEL_GROUP
TabbedPaneTabArea used for TabbedPanes A661_TABBED_PANEL_GROUP
TabbedPaneContent used for TabbedPanes A661_TABBED_PANEL_GROUP
TextArea used for TextAreas A661_EDIT_BOX_MULTILINE
TextField used for TextFields A661_EDIT_BOX_TEXT
ToggleButton used for ToggleButtons A661_TOGGLE_BUTTON, A661_PICTURE_TOGGLE_BUTTON

Specific J661 UI components

UI Component Swing J661 component Used for ARINC widgets
ArcCircle used for ArcCircles A661_GP_ARC_CIRCLE
ArcEllipse used for ArcEllipses A661_GP_ARC_ELLIPSE
Crown used for Crowns A661_GP_CROWN
Triangle used for Triangles A661_GP_TRIANGLE
Rectangle used for Rectangles A661_GP_RECTANGLE
Line used for Lines A661_GP_LINE
LinePolar used for LinePolars A661_GP_LINE_POLAR
Polyline used for Polylines A661_GP_POLYLINE
Symbol used for Symbols A661_SYMBOL

Unused UI components

The following UI components IDs are specified for the synth2 Look and Feel, but are currently not used in the ARINC 661 context.
UI Component Swing component
CheckBoxMenuItem used for CheckBoxes as menu items
ColorChooser used for ColorChoosers
DesktopPane used for DesktopPanes
DesktopIcon used for DesktopPanes
EditorPane used for EditorPanes
FileChooser used for FileChoosers
InternalFrame used for InternalFrames
InternalFrameTitlePane used for InternalFrames
MenuItemAccelerator used for Menus
OptionPane used for OptionPanes
PasswordField used for PasswordFields
PopupMenuSeparator used for PopupMenus
ProgressBar used for ProgressBars
RadioButton used for RadioButtons
RadioButtonMenuItem used for RadioButtons
RootPane used for RootPanes
Separator used for Separators
SplitPane used for SplitPanes
SplitPaneDivider used for SplitPanes
Table used for Tables
TableHeader used for Tables
TextPane used for TextPanes
ToolBar used for ToolBars
ToolBarContent used for ToolBars
ToolBarDragWindow used for ToolBars
ToolBarSeparator used for ToolBars
ToolTip used for ToolTips
Tree used for Trees
TreeCell used for Trees

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