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Widget attribute meta-definition

    1  Attribute definition
       1.1  Examples
       1.2  ARINC 661 properties padding
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Attribute definition

The widget or extension attribute meta−definition define one ARINC 661 attribute used in the associated widget or extension. Note that the attributes are ordered as in the binary Definition File.
For each attribute we have the following XML attributes:
The following XML attributes are optional, and their presence depend of the attribute type:


      <widgetAttr name="Visible" arincID="A661_VISIBLE">  

Event attribute:
      <widgetAttr name="EntryValidation" arincID="A661_ENTRY_VALID" runtimeType="R">  

An attribute which is not padded:
      <widgetAttr name="FormatString" arincID="A661_FORMAT_STRING" maxLength="_MAXFORMATSTRINGLENGTH" pad="false">  

An array attribute:
      <widgetAttr name="OrientationArray" arincID="_ANGLE_ARRAY" size="_NB_SYMBOLS">  

The "OrientationArray" attribute maximum size is specified by the attribute of the ARINC ID _ANGLE_ARRAY.
A String attribute:
      <widgetAttr name="LabelString" arincID="A661_STRING" maxLength="_MAXSTRINGLENGTH">  

The "LabelString" attribute maximum String length is specified by the attribute of the ARINC ID _MAXSTRINGLENGTH.

ARINC 661 properties padding

Padding in the binary Definition File can be used by adding "pad" nodes. Paddings only server to be sure that the following rules are fulfilled: There are several possible padding definitions:

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