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Editor widgets defaults

    1  Grammar
    2  File structure
       2.1  Root element
       2.2  Defining the icon for an element
       2.3  Defining the default values for an element
    3  Examples
       3.1  A Symbol Command
       3.2  A Widget
    4  See also

When new widgets are specified, it is possible to specify:


See Editor defaults grammar.

File structure

The default file contains:

Root element

The root "lt;editorDefaults" allows to specify the default path for icons used for elements.
      <editorDefaults resourceBase="a661supp6/server/resources">  

Defining the icon for an element

There are two possible attributes for the element: It is possible to specify nothing for the icon, in that case a default icon will be used.

Defining the default values for an element

Ech property is defined by its name (the name is the key which is used to specify the property in XML Definition Files).
If the property is a position or size property (for example, for the PosX, PosY, SizeX, or SizeY properties), it is possible to define its type as an additional "type" attribute for the element to allow to graphically move or resize the widget in the Editor: It is also possible to define default values for arrays. For example:
      <param name="Vertices" defaultValue="0,0,1000,1000,2000,2000" type="position"/>  

Note that properties which do not have a specified default value in the Editor n this XML file will still have a generic value defined by the Editor.


A Symbol Command

      <symbol name="A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_TEXT" icon="label.png">  
         <param name="PosX" defaultValue="0" type="positionX"/>  
         <param name="PosY" defaultValue="0" type="positionY"/>  
         <param name="Alignment" defaultValue="A661_CENTER" />  

A Widget

      <widget name="A661_GP_LINE" icon="line.png">  
         <param name="PosXStart" defaultValue="0" type="positionX"/>  
         <param name="PosYStart" defaultValue="0" type="positionY"/>  
         <param name="PosXEnd" defaultValue="2000" type="positionX"/>  
         <param name="PosYEnd" defaultValue="2000" type="positionY"/>  
         <param name="Anonymous" defaultValue="A661_FALSE" />  
         <param name="Halo" defaultValue="A661_FALSE" />  

See Also

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