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Convert an XML Definition File

    1  Graphics Configuration Conversion
       1.1  Grammar
       1.2  Example
    2  Widget Conversion Rules
       2.1  Grammar
       2.2  Example
    3  Notes

It is possible to save one XML definition file to:

This conversion is configurable through an XML configuration and is performed through the File => Convert menu.

Two XML files can be used to configure the conversion: Each of this configuration is optional. For example, it is completely possible to only set the Graphics Configuration Conversion, or only the Widget Conversion Rules.

Graphics Configuration Conversion

The Graphics Configuration Conversion XML file allows to specify conversions for colors, pictures, fonts, and StyleSets. Basically, the file specifies for each numeric ID that must be converted the numeric ID in which it must be converted: Note that all the conversions are specified as numeric IDs, and elements which are converted will always be serialized as a number, regardless of the value of the Save References As setting in the Editor.


See the Graphics Configuration Conversion grammar.


            <color id="2" toId="10" />  
            <color id="3" toId="12" />  
            <font id="1" toId="4" />  
            <widget arincId="A661_PUSH_BUTTON">  
               <style id="1" toId="4" />  
               <style id="2" toId="6" />  

Widget Conversion Rules

TheWidget Conversion Rules XML file allows to: Note that the Editor will not chckec the validity of the resulting XML file, which means that you can define any name you want in the rules[1]


See the Widget Conversion Rules grammar.


         <widgets defaultID="WidgetID" >  
            <widget type="A661_PUSH_BUTTON" toType="A661_PICTURE_PUSH_BUTTON">  
               <param toName="PictureReference" value="NULL" />  
               <param toName="PicturePosition" value="A661_LEFT" />        
            <widget type="A661_GP_TRIANGLE" >  
               <param name="ColorIndex" toName="Color" />  
               <param name="FillIndex" />      

In this example:


  1. ^ For example, you can even define a new type which does not exist

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