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    1  Content of the distribution
       1.1  Files useful for the user
          1.1.1  Installation
       1.2  Files useful only for the developer
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The distribution of the components of the J661 project is available on sourceforge at the following address: http://sourceforge.net/projects/j661. The files for the last version are usually found in the http://sourceforge.net/projects/j661/files under the last version number.

Content of the distribution

The distribution publish the following files:

Files useful for the user


To install the J661 project, just uncompress the j661fx−bin−<version>.zip zipped binaries. The distrib sub−directory contains all the necessary jar files to run the Client Server, and Editor, including the plugins released with the distribution.
You however will need a Java 8 JVM to run the Client, Server, and Editor. If the Java executable is associated with jar files, just double clicking on the following files will run the corresponding application: On Windows, you can also change the content of the setenv.bat file to point to the location of the jre on your JVML distribution.

Files useful only for the developer

Open in Netbeans

To deploy the J661 project to work on it on Netbeans or Eclipse, just uncompress the j661fx−src−<version>.zip zipped source files. To run the Unit tests, you will also have to uncompress the j661fx−tests−<version>.zip zipped tests, and put the test subdirectory in the same directory as the source:
      −−−−− lib/
      −−−−− nbproject/
      −−−−− src/
      −−−−− test/

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