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J661 development

    1  Project architrecture
    2  When to develop a Plugin
    3  When to develop a J661 extension
    4  Unit Tests
    5  See also

J661 development encompass:

Note that normally you should not have to change J661 code to add your functionalities, J661 is very modular, normally developing a Plugin or a J661 extension will be enough to fullfill your needs.

Project architrecture

See project architecture for an overview of the project architecture. See Server architecture for an overview of the Server architecture.

When to develop a Plugin

You should develop a Plugin if you want to add functionalities to the Server, Client, or Editor but do not want to change the way the Server or CLient works. For example existing Plugins:

When to develop a J661 extension

You should develop a J661 extension when you want to chagne the way the Client or Server works. For example:

Unit Tests

The J661 Project provides several thousands of Unit Tests defined using JUnit. See the Unit Tests article for how to develop Unit tests on J661 functionalities.

See Also

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