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List of ARINC661 useful extensions

    1  Extensions list
    2  Remarks on specific extensions
       2.1  StaticParamBufferExtension
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This article presents a list of ARINC661 useful extensions and some of their Use Cases.

Extensions list

Extension Type Extension ARINC ID Supplement Usage Applied on
DirectionalTabbingExtension A661_DIRECTIONAL_TABBING_EXTENSION 5 Allows to specify more than one direction for the focus navigation order All interactive widgets
CursorEventsExtension A661_CURSOR_EVENTS_EXTENSION 5 Allows to send additional cursor events on interactive widgets All interactive widgets
LegendStringAlignmentExtension A661_LEGEND_STRING_ALIGNMENT_EXTENSION 5 Specifies the justification of a legend EditBoxNumeric and NumericReadout widgets
VisibleChildIndexExtension A661_CHILD_INDEX_EXTENSION 5 Allows to set the Visible child of a MutuallyExclusiveContainer by its child order rather than its widget ID MutuallyExclusiveContainer widget
InitialFocusExtension A661_INITIAL_FOCUS_EXTENSION 5 Allows to set the widget on which the focus must begin on a Layer All interactive widgets
FocusStopExtension A661_FOCUS_STOP_EXTENSION 5 Allows to set the widget on which the focus end on a Layer All interactive widgets
StaticParamBufferExtension A661_STATIC_PARAM_BUFFER_EXTENSION 6 Switch presentation aspect on one or several widgets by setting an index rather than sending the data values. See StaticParamBufferExtension BufferFormat

Remarks on specific extensions


This extension allows to switch the presentation aspect on one or several widgets by setting an index rather than sending the data values. It is applied on a BufferFormat widget widget.
      <a661_widget name="BufferFormat" type="A661_BUFFER_FORMAT">  
            <prop name="WidgetIdent" value="200" />  
            <prop name="NumberOfFields" value="6" />  
            <arrayprop name="BufferStructure">  
                  <field name="WidgetIdent" value="51" />  
                  <field name="ParameterIdent" value="A661_VISIBLE" />  
                  <field name="WidgetIdent" value="61" />  
                  <field name="ParameterIdent" value="A661_RADIUS" />  
                  <field name="WidgetIdent" value="51" />  
                  <field name="ParameterIdent" value="A661_STRING" />  
                  <field name="WidgetIdent" value="5" />  
                  <field name="ParameterIdent" value="A661_POS_X" />  
                  <field name="WidgetIdent" value="100" />  
                  <field name="ParameterIdent" value="A661_FILL_INDEX" />  
                  <field name="WidgetIdent" value="61" />  
                  <field name="ParameterIdent" value="A661_END_ANGLE" />  
         <a661_extension type="A661_STATIC_PARAM_BUFFER_EXTENSION">  
               <prop name="NumberOfBuffers" value="1" />  
               <arrayprop name="BufferArray">  
                     <datum value="A661_TRUE" />  
                     <datum value="2000" />  
                     <datum value="DO NOT CLICK" />  
                     <datum value="7000" />  
                     <datum value="red" />  
                     <datum value="150.0" />  
                     <datum value="A661_FALSE" />  
                     <datum value="3000" />  
                     <datum value="ALWAYS CLICK" />  
                     <datum value="5000" />  
                     <datum value="green" />  
                     <datum value="120.0" />  

Int this example:

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