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The J661 project allows to specify the configutation of the Network which allows the UA ( Client) and the CDS ( Server) to communicate at runtime. The Network is structured around the notion of Channels.


A Channel is an abstract concept associated with a Protocol, and manage several layers. However, the Channel itself does not process the reception and emission processes, which are effectively managed by the underlying Protocol.
One Channel manage both the Server => Client and the Client => Server communication, usually through two different communication "ports". Note that the communication is not necessarily using Sockets.

Also note that the Layer application ID is not sent through the ARINC 661 communication protocol, meaning there is no way to the receiver to completely detect for which Layer an ARINC 661 runtime message (received on a particular Channel) has been received by just looking at the content of the Buffer. The Network should then Map Layers to Channels, making sure that there won't be two Layers with the same layer ID for each Channel.

Default configuration

The most basic configuration specifies only one Channel for all the Layers defined in the CDS, using a Built−in protocol. In that case it is not necessary to specify an XML Network configuration file, but the following properties will allow to configure this protocol:

Network configuration file

See Network configuration.

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