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Maps3D configuration properties

    1  Configuration properties format
    2  Maps3D configuration properties
          2.1.1  General properties
          2.1.2  Performance properties
    3  Examples
       3.1  Simulation of concept configuration
    4  See also

The Maps3D configuration properties allows to specify the configuration of the 3D environment. This file is specified through the −config launch argument like the server part. The properties are the same as for the Client so the same properties File can be used for both Client and Server in standalone mode.

Configuration properties format

See configuration properties format.

Maps3D configuration properties

These properties are configuration properties specifically used by the maps3D .

General properties

Performance properties


Simulation of concept configuration

      maps3D.fieldMemory=true #this value is used as true because the simulation of concept process many reconfiguration that add and remove maps3D renderer.  

See Maps3D internal properties for others properties

See Also

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