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Server communication configuration

    1  Communication
    2  Configuration properties
       2.1  Properties useful if a Network configuration is not defined
       2.2  Network configuration
       2.3  Layer activations properties
       2.4  Input properties
       2.5  Output properties
    3  Notes

This article explains how to configure the Server Network communication.


There are several constrainsts imposed on the communication architecture: To avoid problems with the emissio or receptions in the Server, the J661 architecture separates:

Configuration properties

This chapter presents the configuration properties which are relevant to the Server communication and Network configuration.

Properties useful if a Network configuration is not defined

These properties are not used if a Server Network configuration is defined.

Network configuration

Layer activations properties

These properties are used to configured how the Layer activations are managed by the Server. See server configuration properties for more information on these properties. Also the ""server.autoConnect" specifies if the Server automatically perform a connection to the Client at start.

Input properties

Output properties


  1. ^ For example, slow Network can add a lot of lag on events sendings and even slow the Server itself if the sending was performed on the UI Thread

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