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Connectors reference configuration

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The Connectors reference configuration file specifies how to resoolve the ConnectorReference ID for the Connector and DataConnector widgets.


The standard does not specify how the Server should resolve the Connected Layer with the reference (considering that a layer is specified by its Application ID and Layer ID, and the ConnectorReference is only one ID.
By default J661 will resolve the Connector Reference by looking for the first Layer with a Layer ID equal to the ConnectorReference value. If there are more than one Layer with the same Layer ID in the Server (for different Application IDs), the Server will preferentially look for a Layer in the same Application ID.
Specifying a Connectors reference configuration file by setting the server.connectors configuration property allows to specify how to resolve a ConnectorReferenceID to a Layer.


See the Connectors reference configuration Schema.


There is two ways to define the binding between a ConnectorReference and a Layer:


         <connector connectorID="21" appliID="3" layerID="20" />  
         <connector connectorID="22" appliID="2" layerID="20" />  
         <connector connectorID="23" appliID="2" layerID="23" />  

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