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Map Items 3D

    1  Location of 3D Map items
    2  Types of Map3D Items
       2.1  Symbol Rotated 3D
       2.2  Scaler 3D
    3  See also

Map3DItems are similar to Maps Items for 2D Maps, but they have three coordinates rather than two. The currently available items are:

Some of map item support click to open menu (like waypoint) or center on it (like symbol rotated 3D).

Location of 3D Map items

Most of map Items 3D have a X,Y,Z parameters which are used to specify their locations on the 3D environment.
The X,Y,Z correspond to the first, second and third parameters of the position. Their signicance change according to the selected M3DDataFormat using in the map3Dsource widget. See Maps 3D architecture.

Types of Map3D Items

Symbol Rotated 3D

The Symbol Rotated 3D Map3DItem is the equivalent to the Symbols MapItems. They show a Symbol which should have a specified 3D Model in the 3D world. See 3D Models for informations on how to create or edit 3D Models usable in the 3D Maps.
Two kinds of Symbols can be used:

Scaler 3D

Some Map item allow to perform a auto scale according to the camera distance and them to be display with a constant visual size, or between a min and max visual size.
The scaler 3D allow two parameters, with them you can specify an min and max visual screen size of map item:

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