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Map3D Weather Time Manager

The Map3D Weather Time Manager is used to manage lights in the 3D View. It allows to simulate a real light display with a sunlight and a moon light.
This class can be used to manage other weathers visual effect if need arise (rain, thunder, etc...).

Internal properties

Those are the properties to configure the lights of the manager. Notice that you don't really need to change them because you'll probably use the constructor of the manager to set them.
The code offers 2 constructors:

Performance considerations

The color of the sunLight ( Color.LIGHTGOLDENRODYELLOW) and moonLight ( Color.MIDNIGHTBLUE) are hardcoded in the code. We can imagine that those lights could be replaced using directly a A661_3D_LIGHT_MAP_ITEM (no developed yet) but we still need to keep moving them in the server part to avoid too many update of theirs coordinates.

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